Welcome to Deiter's Chocolates!

Our storefront, as viewed from the sidewalk
We're so glad you found us! Located in the University of Denver neighborhood, our block bustles with foot traffic from nearby neighbors, students and other locally-owned businesses. Our shop has thrived in this location for decades. Owner Adrienne Johnson-Conway worked in the original shop - named Dietrich’s Chocolates - for 15 years, and when the previous owner retired, she purchased the business with the help of her partners, opening a shop of her own in the same, memory-filled space. Her partners have four generations of men named Dietrich in their own family, including their son, and Deiter is a family nickname. And so, in 2016, the shop was named Deiter’s Chocolates.
Our showcase of truffles and caramel nut turtles
We invite you to stop in and savor the decadent aromas that greet you from our love-worn kitchen! We handcraft most everything in-house, including truffles, caramel nut turtles, nut clusters, nonpareils, custom chocolate bars and more. Step into our bright little shop and chat with our friendly chocolatiers...they’re great at making suggestions if you just can’t decide!
If you aren't able to stop by, you can always order online. You can choose to have your order shipped, or pick it up from our shop at your convenience. You can also send gifts to several recipients by placing just one order; it's quick and easy. We hope to see you soon!