How to Ship to Multiple Addresses

You can ship to multiple people just by placing ONE order!  Follow these steps for efficient ordering. 

 STEP 1: Add all products that will be shipped to all addresses to your cart. Be sure you add everything you'd like to order. If you're going to send an item to more than one recipient, you can add just one of that item to your cart, and then ship another from the cart page.

 STEP 2: Proceed to the cart and select "Ship to multiple addresses".

 STEP 3: For each product listed, add the shipping address. If any item is an "in-store pickup" item, then add your own address; later you will be able to specify that you will pick it up in-store.

NOTE: You have the option to ship another of any product in your cart to someone new just by clicking a new address box, which prompts you to add another address.

When you're finished assigning your items, click "Continue".

 STEP 4: Select a shipping rate for each address, add To/From/Message and click "Checkout".

  You will see your orders and any shipping costs and taxes. Fill out your billing information and place your payment, multiple deliveries!