Hot Weather Shipping Information

During warmer months, we adjust our packaging to help protect your chocolate as best we can while it is in transit. All packages contain an insulated liner and ice pack to help keep the chocolate cool while it is on its way to you. Though we can’t make any guarantees, this generally protects the chocolate well. We are unable to issue refunds or replace products damaged by extreme temperatures. Please read on for important information:


  • During the summer, we ship packages Monday through Wednesday to limit the time in transit so your order doesn’t sit over the weekend in a warm warehouse


  • Please arrange delivery to an air-conditioned location, where your package will quickly be brought indoors. If a package sits outside, or in a warm mailbox, melting could occur


  • When placing your online order, select a shipping option that will get your chocolate to you as soon as possible


  • A $6 fee will automatically be added to the selected shipping option to help offset the cost of additional labor and insulated packaging


Thanks for your support of our small business!