Shipping Info

 + How long will it take to receive my online order? Because every order is handcrafted and packaged with care, it may take our chocolatier up to a week to make and package your order. Then we drop your package at USPS. Once accepted by the carrier, the package is scanned, and that's when the tracking process begins - whether that's Priority, First Class or Express Mail. USPS does not guarantee specific arrival dates; all dates provided during checkout are estimates. During our busy holiday seasons, it's possible that your shipment could take a little longer. 

 Most of our shipments are sent out Monday through Wednesday in order to avoid having the chocolates sit over the weekend in a warehouse. Depending on your order day and current outdoor temperatures, your package may be held until the following Monday to ensure minimal time in transit.

+ How are shipping costs calculated? Shipping costs are based on weight and include a nominal handling charge to cover our packaging costs. Once your order has been fulfilled by our shop, you will receive a confirmation email that provides a tracking number.

+ Do you ship during the summer? We do. During warmer months, we provide insulated packaging to help keep the chocolate cool while in transit, though we can make no guarantees of its condition upon arrival. A fee is added to the shipping cost to help with these extra materials.

+ I'm planning to send gifts to several friends. Can I do that all from one order? Yes. From the cart page, just check the box that says, "Ship to multiple addresses" and from there, you can designate each item to a specific person, with an individual message. You can even choose to pick up some of your items in our store, if you'd like. All taxes and shipping costs will be calculated, and you only need to pay once. Under the FAQs tab, read our helpful tips in "Ship to Multiple Addresses."

+ Can I order and pay online, but pick my order up at the store? Yes. When placing your order online, just choose "free in-store pickup" and we will notify you when your order has been fulfilled. It'll be waiting for you at our shop and you can pick it up at your convenience.